Our Team

Mary Futch-Daunhauer

Mary was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She grew up in a big family and was taught to love and follow Jesus by her parents.

Mary accepted Christ when she was young and was discipled well in her home church, North Jacksonville Baptist Church.

Mary attended Valdosta State College ( now VSU ), in Georgia, and studied biology. She became involved with the Baptist Student Union and grew spiritually during her time at VSC. Her campus pastor, John Wortham, was a great mentor and encouraged her to consider being a summer missionary through the Georgia Baptist Convention.
She took a step of faith, went through training, and was selected to be part of team that served in Los Angeles, California in 1983.

During her time serving in Los Angeles, Mary saw firsthand the power of Christ to save people who had no hope, to forgive their sin, and give them new life. Serving Christ on mission in Los Angeles was the most pivotal time in her life.
Back at campus in the Fall of 1983, Mary shared her faith and her experiences on the mission field in L.A, on campus and in area churches.

After graduation from VSC, Mary enrolled in Southern College of Optometry at Memphis, Tn. She completed her training in 1989 and returned to Florida to begin practice as an Optometrist, which she continues to do today, as owner of Baker Vision Care, in Macclenny, Florida.
Mary met her husband, Chris and married in 1995.

Chris and Mary became involved in missions work at First Baptist Church, Orange Park, Florida. Chris wanted to go with Pastor Allen Harrod on mission to Cuba. He came home from Cuba and shared the impact of this mission on his life with Mary. She was moved by his experience, and the spiritual growth in her husband’s life.

Mary determined to to go Cuba when Pastor Harrod announced the next opportunity. She traveled as part of the mission team the following year and has been returning to serve ever since.
As she reflects, Mary can see that Christ has been calling her into missions for many years. She remembers competing to give more dimes to Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong Missions funds and seeing the cardboard thermometers go red as the church met its goals for giving to missions, the visitors from the mission field who would speak in her church when she was a girl, her time in college at BSU meetings and the guidance of her mentors.

Now many years later, she is privileged to be in ministry work with C4CM Inc, and is thankful God has chosen to use this ministry for his glory and for the opportunity to help others in Jesus’ name.