The 3 Circles

Sharing the gospel, introducing people to Christ and helping them grow into mature disciples, is our mission as Christ followers.

C4CM Inc recommends you download the 3 Circles app (Life on Mission) to your phone or tablet. English and Spanish (VIVE EN MISION!) languages are included with this download.

The 3 Circles is a powerful tool to help people share the gospel, the Good News of Christ’s love and plan of salvation with others.

life on mission

The 3 Circles

The Life on Mission app includes interactive visual presentations to assist you as you share Jesus’ plan of salvation, Bible verse references to help new believers understand the truth of the gospel and God’s love for them, and video presentations to help you as you seek to share with others.

People need to know that God loves them and has a plan for their lives. 

The 3 Circles presentation provides an approachable and easy way to comprehensively share the gospel.

It takes just a few minutes to share God’s love with others using the 3 Circles app, so review and practice with it for a few minutes each day to increase your capacity for sharing Christ’s offer of salvation with people who need to know Christ personally. 

We pray the Lord uses this information to help you share the gospel and see people come alive in Christ Jesus.