In the late 1990’s some future C4C Ministries partners ventured a hundred miles south of Florida with Dr. Allen Harrod from First Baptist Church, Orange Park, Florida.

Dr. Harrod pastored this church and invited us to join him and serve fellow Christians and share the gospel of Jesus Christ on a week-long mission trip. Dr. Harrod frequently challenged people to travel with him to share the gospel and encourage people to grow in Christ. He taught us in word and in deed to love God and love others.

Our local church missions teams traveled annually to this nation and were moved by God’s redemptive work in people, and filled with passion and vision for sharing the gospel and helping others in Jesus’ name.

We spent time with and were encouraged by the strong faith of our brothers and sisters. Daily life is a struggle in this small island nation, and yet they live vibrantly for Christ in the midst of perpetual crises.

The joy we shared as we saw lost people find life in Christ and hope for their future with Him, propelled us to do even more, and we began to ask God to give us more opportunity to help people in Jesus’ name.

Allen Harrod never spoke much Spanish. In fact he spoke with a distinctive Kentucky drawl! He was challenged by chronic health problems and had responsibilities in work and at home. But he continued to go into all the world, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, making disciples, and encouraging Christians who minister daily in difficult conditions. Dr. Allen Harrod faithfully fulfilled the great commission given to Christ followers in Matthew 28:18-20. He went home to be with Jesus in 2023. C4CMinistries will forever be indebted to this faithful pastor who called us to go with him to the uttermost parts of the world sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

C4CMinistries began to take shape as a distinct ministry in 2006, when its members took a step of faith to create more opportunities for missions to the Caribbean. For years we continued to expand this ministry and bring more missions teams to serve with us and share the gospel. God has continued to bless this ministry and allow us to be a part of His great redemptive work in the Caribbean.

C4CM Inc, C4CMinistries, officially incorporated and obtained tax exempt status, under the IRS Tax Code section 501(c)(3), as a nonprofit corporation in the state of Florida in 2019.
C4CM Inc continues to grow and help expand the reach of the gospel, as we help people in Jesus’ name.

C4CMinistries has developed a wide range of ministry opportunities:

  • support for Vacation Bible Schools, Women’s Ministries, and Moms and Babies Groups.
  • support Adult Senior Home residents, partner to help with Construction Projects, Sports Programs and Music Ministries
  • work alongside local Christians to strengthen and expand their outreach in the community.
  • offer financial and prayer support for students who study at the Western Baptist Theological Seminary and prepare for ministry in their home country.
  • help run Summer Children’s and Youth Camps, sharing the gospel and making disciples as we spend time together pursuing Christ.
  • bring food, medicine, Bible materials and training equipment, computers and video equipment to support Christian outreach, and strengthen Christian training.
  • provide art supplies for children’s programs and musical instruments to support orchestra members, sewing machines for making children’s clothing, sports equipment for soccer and basketball programs.
  • partner with APEN (Child Evangelism Fellowship), and support and encourage neighborhood House Churches and neighborhood missions teams.
  • share the gospel door to door in homes, using the 3 Circles Gospel videos which reduces the language barrier between Spanish and English.
  • minister in neighborhoods anchored by local house churches, where local Christians can support, train, and encourage new believers.

Sturdy, trustworthy relationships have flourished with our ministry partners locally and in the Caribbean. It has been such a joy and a privilege to see the gospel shared. We witnessed people come to know Christ personally, experience His love and forgiveness; to have hope for their futures.

C4CMinistries expanded its stateside ministry when it began to partner with Vision with Compassion and other Christian charities to fill freight containers to deliver food, medicine, technology, bicycles, furnishings, educational materials, and other essentials, in much larger quantities, more efficiently.

C4CMinistries supports these shipments by providing money for shipment of goods, giving supplies to fill the containers, and helping to pack them here in Florida. Trusted partners in Cuba unpack and distribute these contents once they arrive and clear customs. The shipments continue to be sent several times per year, and we pray God continues to give us the opportunity to be a part of this amazing means of helping people in Jesus’ name.

C4CMinistries desires to be useful for the glory of God and the benefit of people. We pray God continues to provide opportunities for C4CMinistries to help people in Jesus’ name.

Our prayer is that we remain steadfast and faithful in our love for God and for people, and we continue to obey Christ’s command to go into all the world and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. C4CMinistries desires to have others join us in this mission. Please pray and consider joining C4CMinistries on mission.

Credentials for C4C Ministries Inc.

C4CM Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation registered in Florida, USA

C4CM Inc is registered with Sunbiz.org Division of Corporations as of 11/27/2023: Document# N19000004685

C4CM Inc Tax ID 84-1808240

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C4CM Inc is Guidestar Certified ( may need to update information with this agency )

C4CM Inc is in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service and has completed its Form 990 for 2023

C4CM Inc is registered with National Christian Foundation since 2019