Upcoming Projects

May 2024: Training Conference featuring, Your True Story, the 50 Day Essential Guide to Your New Life with Jesus

The conference features the author of Your True Story,  Susan Freese D.H.L., M. Div. and C4CMinistries team members, Virginia Hansen, Yla Flores, and Mary Futch-Daunhauer.

The conference will be hosted by Dr. Barbaro Marrero, Director of the Western Baptist Theological Seminary in Santo Suarez, La Habana, and Mrs. Yudiesly Moreno, President of the Women’s Ministry for the Western Baptist Convention in Habana.

spring conference

Summer 2024 Focus: Team selection and training for Fall 2024 mission at First Baptist Church of Punta Brava, pastored by Jorge Luis Lienz and his wife, Reiselmi. The week will include an on-site stay with construction work, Bible Study, and sharing the Gospel in the community of Punta Brava.

Dates: Fall 2024

Fall 2024: Containers to be filled with medical supplies and food and sent from Jacksonville in partnership with Vision With Compassion

Fall 2024: Mission to Punta Brava 

Dates to be determined: November 2024

Future Projects: Create Future Fundraiser to benefit financial support of Seminary students, missions team members who travel with C4CMinistries, costs of filling containers with food, medicine, technology and other supplies.