Ministries C4C Supports

C4CM Inc, C4CMinistries, officially incorporated and obtained tax exempt status, under the IRS Tax Code section 501(c)(3), as a nonprofit corporation in the state of Florida in 2019.

God has enabled C4CM Inc to serve in many different ways to share the gospel and make disciples:

  • C4CM Inc team members go door to door with local believers, sharing the gospel of Jesus, often using the 3 Circles app and praying with people we meet. House church leaders follow up with people after we make contact, helping new believers grow and develop spiritually, and find a community of believers for support.

  • C4CM Inc provides resources for Vacation Bible Schools and works with APEN ( Child Evangelism Fellowship ) to train children and students to share the gospel and walk faithfully in their schools and at home. Much of this ministry is rooted in games, music, and Bible teaching that open children‘s hearts and minds to the fact that Jesus loves them and has the best plan for their lives.

  • C4CM Inc prays for students who study and train at the Western Baptist Theological Seminary in Santo Suarez. We pray for their director and the professors who help prepare these young people for a life of Christian service in their home country. We provide technical supplies and financial support for students’ tuition, room and board at the seminary. Most students train for 3 years to acquire advanced degrees and understanding about ministering to people in Jesus’ name. Dr. Barbaro Morrero is the director of the Western Baptist Theological Seminary.

  • C4CM Inc provides technology to support ministry outreach like Siloe Ministry which uses social media and local television broadcasts to share the gospel. Siloe has been a valuable ministry partner with C4CM Inc. Siloe videos can be viewed on YouTube.

  • C4CM Inc helps to run Summer Youth Camps at Yumuri Camp and in local city churches, focusing on discipleship of young people who return to neighborhoods and households that do not know Christ. We have fun, pray together, and study God’s word, as we spend time together, pursuing Christ.

  • C4CM Inc supports Christian Sports Leagues by supplying gear and uniforms, and encourages these young coaches with prayer and spiritual training.

  • C4CM Inc supports Moms and Babies groups based in neighborhood churches. We provide baby supplies for new mothers and pray with these ministry leaders as they shepherd young mothers.

  • C4CM Inc supports the Baptist Retirement Home ( Hogar Bautista ). Retired Christian leaders often have no home, no family, and no money to live. At the Hogar they find a safe haven and Christian fellowship and care. C4CM Inc brings medical supplies, clothing, and food to the residents at the Hogar. We visit with these faithful people, listen to their stories, sing with them, share a meal, and pray with them. We pray for the directors, nursing and all other staff who provide care and emotional and spiritual help for our lovely seniors.

  • C4CM Inc supports house churches set up in neighborhoods and the missionaries trained and committed to sharing the gospel where they live and work. We are privileged to worship with them and see the gospel go into thousands of homes on a daily basis. At house churches new believers have readily available support and Christian training as they begin to live their new life in Christ. These house churches often have seekers who hear the truth about God’s love for them, and His plan for their lives. C4CM Inc provides some resources and training in these house churches but we come away knowing that God has blessed and strengthened us through them. It is a privilege to be with them and serve Christ with them.

  • C4CM Inc does construction work needed at local churches and uses these projects as another opportunity to share the gospel in neighborhoods surrounding these project sites. C4CM Inc provides tools and manpower and we learn from our brothers and sisters about inventive building solutions as we help create places where people gather to worship the Lord, grow in strength and knowledge of the Lord and encourage one another.

  • C4CM Inc provides sewing machines and cloth for women’s ministry to make clothing for children. This ministry is a home based ministry which provides opportunity for Christian women to gather, pray and support families in their neighborhoods.

  • C4CM Inc helps to fill freight containers with food, medicine, clothing, automotive repair parts, computers, musical instruments, art and school supplies, computers, furniture and bedding, kitchenware, and a host of other essential supplies. Freight container shipments began to increase during the worldwide pandemic, and we pray that God allows this efficient means of providing supplies to continue. We partner with Vision with Compassion and other Christian ministries and work closely with Dr. Victor Samuel to safely ship these goods to people in need.

  • C4CM Inc supports Mujeres Evangelismo ( women’s missionary union ). Increasingly, women are trusting Christ and sharing with their families and neighbors. C4CM Inc plans to bring intensive systematic theology training called, Your True Story, in Spring 2024. Our prayer is that this ‘ train the trainer ‘ conference will allow the gospel to be shared exponentially and help believers grow deep spiritual roots and benefit from all that Christ offers to them.

  • C4CM Inc works with the Western Baptist Convention of Churches and its leadership to identify areas of need and provide support to local believers as they are sent by God to meet those needs. We are so thankful for the relationship we have with the Western Baptist Convention of Churches and the Western Baptist Theological Seminary for their support as we share this common vision of seeing hurting people come alive in Christ and find real hope for their lives.

Sturdy, trustworthy relationships have flourished as this ministry grows. It has been such a joy and a privilege to see the gospel shared. We have witnessed people come to know Christ personally, experience His love and forgiveness; to have hope for their futures.

C4CMinistries desires to be useful for the glory of God and the benefit of people. We pray God continues to provide opportunities for C4CMinistries to help people in Jesus’ name.

Our prayer is that we remain steadfast and faithful in our love for God and for people, and we continue to obey Christ’s command to go into all the world and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

C4CMinistries desires to have others join us in this mission. Please pray and consider joining C4CMinistries on mission.